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What do we do?  InvestWithDrMowafi.com is an active real estate investment company. We are involved in the Northern Virginia area, we are growing our portfolio and looking for people like you who would like to share the profits we generate, without having to be involved in the hands-on part of the business.

We specialize in buying and selling homes, on Terms. This allows us to purchase properties directly from home sellers and sell them directly to home buyers, with no need for banks. We usually sell homes to tenant buyer.

Investing with us is an excellent way for people with no experience or desire to be a landlord or manage properties to be able to invest in real-estate and enjoy the upside profits without the normal day-to-day hassles. In this scenario you team up with us by providing the money needed to purchase a property, and we provide the experience and know-how to find, manage and eventually sell the deal.  We share in the profits and at the same time we are providing a very valuable service to a quality local family.  It’s truly a win-win-win situation.

It is an easy concept that I can best explain to you personally.

If you are ready to find out more about our investment program, I invite you to contact me directly, and I will be happy to show you exactly how it works, either in person, by phone at 703-597-5669, or online.

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